Stone Masonry Restoration, Conservation, and on Time Maintenance

Stone Masonry Restoration, conservation, and on time maintenance for your masonry projects should not be ignored.

ENDURANCE starts every project with the end in mind.

What causes stone to fail in its intended application?

A sub-par instillation might just be one factor, but the most likely exterior stone detriment comes from water and the Sun in cahoots.

Water, water, everywhere and no one thought to think.

Stone Masonry Restoration

Stone, water, and heat form and deform stone.

Erosion, cracking, fracturing and discoloration might be geological processes, however these processes need to be minimized throughout the life of your project.

Understanding the forensics of stone failure concerning building stone helps the project start right to end right.

Alas, we cannot get rid of water altogether nor the Sun, nor the birds and other biological growths (mildew), nor atmospheric (dust and pollutants), but whether it is an existing project or still a dream ENDURANCE will guide you to a successful outcome.