Stone Masonry Resources

Fireplace and Chimney Information

A few among many great books published by Donhead:

  • The Geology of Building Stone ~ John Allen Howe
  • Modern Practical Masonry – "The Stone Masons Bible" ~ Edmund George Warland
  • Stone Cleaning – and the nature, soiling and decay mechanisms of stone ~ Edited by Robin G.M. Webster
Stone Masonry Resources

Cut Stone Manual


Brick and Block Construction Details

Particularly Briefs 1-14 & 41

Restoration Training

  • Cleaning Masonry Structures: Current Practice and Technology
  • Composite Repair Materials for Masonry: Repair of Sandstone & Limestone
  • Formulation of Mortar Mixes for Pointing and Composite Repairs
  • Coatings and Consolidants for Masonry: Current Practice and Technology
  • Health and Environmental Hazards Inherent in Architectural Restoration Work