It has been said, “There are no bad stones, just bad applications.”

ENDURANCE has the expertise and experience to install the stone with the best practices in mind.  ENDURANCE will ensure our installation and onsite presence is professional and problem solving. We understand our interfaces with other trades and will make every effort to apprise you of what needs to be done before the stone is installed.

Stone also interfaces with other materials, such as wood and metal, and itself. We will advise you as to expansion joints, caulk joints, wood to stone, stone to metal and many other possible interfaces of stone. We have a long history of working with home owners and architects in stone masonry, let us put our experience to work for you.

Stone Ballustrade
  • Should the stone be anchored with wall ties or stainless steel pins?
  • What type of mortar is to be used?
  • What type of flashing or water proofing should be considered?
  • Should sealers or paver enhancers be used?
  • And the list goes on... ENDURANCE will install your stone, with a comprehensive understanding of means and methods.