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Tom Hawkes, Owner

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About ENDURANCE Stone Contractor:

Tom Hawkes was first introduced to the world of masonry through his neighbor in 1975. After High School in 1985 Tom went to work for Lund Masonry in Seattle.

One of the first stone projects he was assigned too was the lobby of the Nordstrom Medical Tower in Seattle, which showcased a flamed and polished red Brazilian granite.

Between 1985 and 2005 Tom worked on several projects in Seattle for three generations of Lund Masonry ownership. In the late 80’s to the early 90’s when Tom was in other parts of the USA where he had the privilege to work on other notable stone projects such as: the Canadian Embassy; Hyman Construction, Washington DC 1987 – Manchester Grand Hyatt; Intrepid Stone Contractor Inc., San Diego, CA 1991 – Payne Hall at Virginia Tech; Step Stone Inc., Blacksburg, VA 1991–1992.

If you want the very best QUALITY job possible you will call Endurance Stone!

Sara Christenson

We wanted to cover our long backyard retaining wall with Brick or stone. Tom from Endurance Stone came out and did the estimate on the wall. But we ended up going inside the house to look at the 1987 version of our fireplace. Then while we were looking at that we looked at the patio too. Pretty soon it was a total stone makeover for all 3!

Tom, the owner of the company helped me understand about stone and the flagstone and how it is affected by water. He gave me exact dimensions for the concrete guys to come in and set a roughed in a concrete patch to hold the flagstone. He ended up fixing a very bad existing issue of water running into my foundation as a result of these dimensions he provided. Tom and crew showed up each and every day ready to grind out as much of the 3 part project as possible. He did a lot of it all by himself. He started on the fireplace, he worked well with the contractor that put in the wood mantel and the guy putting in the new fireplace. Tom did an amazing job on the wall and that included perfectly pitched coving so water would never rest on the coving and turn green. He ended with the Patio and was very good about my new puppies and their access to the back yard. He helped me pick out great rocks to go inside the mammoth stones he was matching for my Grand steps, he thought of adding in an empty conduit for lights to add in the future. Tom even heard me mention a new couch I received was my perfect sitting height and made the sitting part of the stone steps my exact sitting height which was very unique and MUCH appreciated! He also helped me design a rock garden path that goes all along the wall in my back yard, in the walking path of large flagstone Tom included a conversation station in the middle, very cool when he put it altogether with the wall stone that also matched my inside.

Fireplace stone and also went nicely with the flagstone patio and large stone cliff steps he created were very ugly old concrete used to be. Tom is an obvious student of all things stone and masonry-related. If you want the very best QUALITY job possible you will call this guy!

Stone Work Opportunities Lead to Progress

He also had the opportunity to help build a civil war stone monument to an unmarked battlefield in a farmer’s field and help restore the stone foundation of a historical plantation mill in Virginia.

After many years in the masonry trade, Tom progressed from Hod Carrier, Stone Masons Helper, Mason Apprentice, to Journeyman Mason, to Foreman.

In 2001 Tom took on the roll as Project Manager for some of Lund’s major stone projects in the Northwest.

About ENDURANCE Stone Contractor

The Beginning of ENDURANCE Stone

ENDURANCE Stone Contractor was established by Tom Hawkes in 2005 as the next step in responsibility and initiative.

ENDURANCE Stone Contractor Inc. specializes in stone masonry. Tom Hawkes looks forward to helping you plan, execute, and maintain your stone masonry projects. 

Whatever the requirements of your project are, from cut stone to organic, from pool surrounds to stone walls, we are able to assist you with a successful stone masonry installation.